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In Cameroon, the U.S. Embassy in Yaounde has assumed responsibility for all services provided by the following individuals and companies. Any questions relating to Booking.com services should be forwarded to the customer service team and accommodation service. All advertising content will be removed from the official website of the United States Embassy of Cameroon in Cameroon and its website.

The CDC's requirements for importing human remains depend on the type of body, whether it is embalmed or burned, and whether the person has died of a quarantine-capable communicable disease. Information about a person you know or suspect of having died from quarantine in a QEQ policy office can be obtained by calling (202) 543-5555 at the U.S. Embassy in Yaounde or by emailing the DCDQPolicyOffice to the CDC.

This process can be very long and does not always result in a copy of the report being made available. This process is requested by the US diplomatic mission in Cameroon and may lead to delays. For more information, please visit the OSAC Cameroon Country Page for contact information that may be of interest to you, your family member or your local health care provider.

If you have any questions about your immigration status in Cameroon, please contact the General Delegation for National Security in Yaounde. If you are unaware of any aspect of your entry requirements or require further assurances, you must contact your local U.S. diplomatic mission or the U.S. Embassy and Consulate General of the United States of America.

Due to official travel restrictions and security concerns, our ability to provide consular services in remote and rural areas of Cameroon is extremely limited. The Cameroonian government has restricted access to the Internet and mobile communications.

In 2019 and 2020, reports were sent to the embassy of at least one consular officer and two consulates - General Staff members detained after their deployment to Cameroon. The criminals robbed them of their mobile phones, passports and other personal items.

In such cases, victims were transferred to other ships or taken to the nearest port, such as Port Harcourt, Port Moresby or Port Loko. In Nigerian waters, dozens of incidents have occurred in other GCC countries, including Cameroon, since the beginning of the year in the Gulf of Guinea (GGN). Nigerian pirates have generally been involved in such events, and in some cases even off the coast of Cameroon and other parts of Africa.

Cameroon's borders with many of its neighbors remain porous, allowing large amounts of oil and other natural gas to be spilled, as well as human trafficking. Cross-border migration has also taken place in recent years, with humanitarian flights driven by instability.

The Embassy and members of federal law enforcement agencies have identified a number of Internet scams based in or connected with Cameroon. Programmes cover bogus activities such as matchmaking fraud, child pornography, animal domestication, money laundering, fraud and trafficking in human beings. Some have a history of working in Yaounde and parts of Central Africa, as well as in other countries in the region, such as Nigeria.

The export of human remains from Cameroon is required by a permit from the Ministry of Territorial Administration. Burnt remains are sealed with solder, enclosed in hardwood boxes, stored in small bags and sealed with solder. A coffin or container that meets the requirements of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) is available at any undertaker in Cameroon.

Visitors should understand that Cameroon remains primarily a cash-based economy and that high rates of cybercrime and fraud could make the use of electronic payment more difficult. To obtain a visa, you must present a copy of your driving licence, identity card, passport and / or other documents. If you have British citizenship or previously held Cameroonian citizenship and still have a Cameroonian passport as an adult, you should not try to enter Cameroon without it, although this is against the law. Recently, Yaounde and Douala airports have been tested negative for coronavirus, so do not act as if you were boarding a flight to Cameroon.

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More About Yaounde