Yaounde Cameroon Homewood Suites

The Waterfront is the hotel of choice for Wichita visitors, and TripAdvisor's testers rate it as the number one hotel in the city.

Located in the beautiful upscale waterfront development, the hotel features an indoor heated pool and spa, a fitness and leisure area with a lit gazebo and a full-service fitness center. Grande Lodge offers a complimentary hot, full breakfast buffet, served daily, and wine, served Monday through Thursday. Additional comfort and convenience are provided by the hotel's modern amenities, such as 24-hour concierge service and free Wi-Fi throughout the day. Located in the beautiful and upscale harbour area, this hotel has hosted many memorable events in the city in recent years.

The meeting room at the lighthouse, which has a full-service dining room, bar, meeting room and lounge, can accommodate up to 130 banquets and can be divided into smaller groups.

This two bedroom suite is ideal for families, with two private bathrooms and a sleeping area connected to a living area and a fully equipped kitchen. Designed to offer the comfort of home to business and leisure travellers, this fully-service suite features a dining room, bar, meeting room and lounge, as well as a spacious living room.

In 2012, Hilton Team members completed more than 14,960 projects worldwide and contributed to the development of over 1,500 new hotels, restaurants, hotels and other facilities. They aim to make a difference throughout the year with the community service, which is highlighted every October. In the UK, more than 50 Hilton hotels have been certified under the first Hilton Community Service Award Program.

Every October, Hilton partners with hundreds of organizations around the world to participate in Global Month of Service, a global celebration of community service and development in over 100 countries. The projects are in line with Hilton's mission to create opportunities, strengthen communities and protect the environment.

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As someone who has been to the property before, I'm sure you've heard this from others, but Michelle joined Homewood Suites to bring a wealth of experience in the sports and entertainment industry, including the INTRUST Bank Arena, as well as running and organizing a variety of events such as the YAOUNDE CAMEROON Community Garden, the first of its kind in North America. In the United States, it has partnered with local organizations that bring together teachers, parents, businesses and students to create learning gardens that are tailored to the school's specific needs. Team members spent the day with students, building raised beds, installing white boards outside and planting seasonal vegetables for children.

In Cameroon, Hilton Yaounde opened its doors to YAOUNDE WOMEN, an organisation that offers hospitality training to young women from disadvantaged backgrounds. The hotel held a series of workshops for the students for a week, and one student who excelled each week was given a two-year apprenticeship. TV chef Matt Tebbutt, a student at Poole College in Bournemouth, has teamed up with him to serve the best sustainable British seafood to more than 60 special guests.

Team members from Hilton's regional offices have teamed up to prepare, cook, package and deliver more than 5,000 meals to the local community in Singapore. Team members in Bournemouth also attended a local event to raise awareness of sustainably produced seafood. During the event, team members were able to participate in the production and distribution of a variety of sustainable seafood and serve in various roles in the kitchen and off the kitchen.

The venue is a beautiful outdoor setting with a tranquil sea backdrop and stunning views of Bournemouth Bay. It offers a beautiful view of the city and its beautiful beaches, as well as a variety of restaurants and bars.

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More About Yaounde